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Why TweetHustler?

Twitter boosts likes 30x

How do you get likes? By creating viral content that gets boosted by a supportive community of influencers.
Get exclusive access to TweetHustler only groups plus invite links to 30+ free secret communities.
Twitter algo likes boost

Amplify your organic reach with one click

Automate engaging in discord and telegram influencer communities with one click according to their rules.
Add as many groups as you like in TweetHustler. Going through them is effortless.

Enjoy time freedom

Walk your dog, go to the gym, work on your business, meditate - you name it. Get an extra 2h per day to focus on what matters to you.
TweetHustler can even post your tweet in the engagement pods - one click of a button and you're done.
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System for consistent buzz

TweetHustler is your effortless system to generate consistent traffic on your twitter account. Your job is to turn the traffic into fans, leads and customers.
You can even automate retweeting your customers and friends with TweetHustler. More RTs = more reach.
1 week free trial including all functionality.


How much growth can I expect?

That depends on your niche, your content and the current size of your X account.

TweetHustler is not a magic solution to get you 100k followers and 1M likes over night (altough this happened to one user).

It takes a few weeks to ramp up your engagement safely by adding a new group every 2-3 days. That way, your organic reach gets amplified and you have your hands free to focus on creating content your audience loves, making connections and building your business.

Which browser do I need for it to work?

We currently support firefox on desktops/laptops. The Firefox mobile app doesn’t currently support custom addons, but we're searching for a creative solution.

Why firefox? Because it means you can let it run in the background and use Chrome or your favourite browser for surfing the internet as you usually do.

You can install firefox on your Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and even on Chromebooks. Get firefox here for free.

Is it safe?

Yes. Many users including myself have been using and enjoying it for almost 2 years now.

TweetHustler impersonates you. This means, the engaging is coming from your personal IP address and is done in a slow, randomized way - which is what a normal human being would do.

Important: do not use Twitter while TweetHustler is running!

Twitter can ban accounts for engaging too fast. I've heard stories of accounts being banned temporarily for engaging too fast manually. Therefore, we made TweetHustler run slowly with random time delays between each action.

TweetHustler also has an optional snail pace now that is even slower. Recommended for accounts that are new to groups.

Will it work for all engagement groups?

Yes, it works for every single Discord engagement group out of the box without the need to invite a bot.

It also works for any Telegram group where TweetHustlerBot is a member. For instance, this includes:

  • All TweetHustler only groups - only TweetHustler users are allowed to engage in here, so you'll enjoy a 100% engagement rate. We've got many exclusive like and RT channels. Free for TweetHustler users of course.
  • Boostcamp
  • Growth Elite Extra
  • Achilles Growth
  • Heracles Growh
  • Theseus Growth
  • + 27 more telegram groups
Does it post my tweet into the groups?

The default TweetHustler version can post your tweet links into telegram groups. This includes all TweetHustler only groups, Boostcamp, Growth Elite, Achilles Growth, Heracles Growth and Theseus Growth and 25 other telegram groups right now.

It also posts your tweet into every single discord group, when you get the TweetHustler Tuning Kit.

Meaning: click a button and be completely done.

Can I comment at the same time?

No. That would mean that you're in two places at the same time. Twitter does not like this, so do not interact with your twitter account in any way while TweetHustler runs!

Can I test it with a dummy account first?

Sure thing. Within the trial period

  • you can set up a dummy twitter account (simply create a new one),
  • log into it
  • log into discord as well
  • let TweetHustler do its thing

It will like all the tweets from the group with the dummy account you just created.

Please note: if you do this within the same browser you're normally logged in with your twitter account, make sure to delete the cookies first. Or just close the browser and open it again.

While developing, I used the same technique and apparently twitter doesn't like it if you switch between accounts too often (= logging in and out with two different accounts multiple times in a short amount of time) while in the same browser session.

What are the technical requirements?

TweetHustler is a browser addon for desktops or laptops. You'll need

  • a stable internet connection
  • firefox browser
  • your computer should not go to sleep mode (the engaging will pause)
  • twitter should be displayed in english (set your browser to english)
  • stay logged into discord & telegram
  • stay logged into twitter

Please note: currently TweetHustler is not available for smart phones. Recent Firefox mobile updates restrict custom addons. We're currently looking for solutions. DM me if you know a workaround for this.

Can I use the browser while TweetHustler engages?

Yes, just set up a separate firefox profile for TweetHustler. There is a detailed how-to with screenshots in the manual.

Or use Chrome or any other browser you prefer while TweetHustler is busy in firefox.

However, do not use the browser window that TweetHustler engages in. You can pause the engagement action if need be. It will only take a few seconds (it counts down) until the current tweet in the open tab is finished and then it stops. There is a continue button so that TweetHustler can go on engaging when you are ready again.

How can I use the TweetHustler when I need the internet at the same time?
  • use a different browser profile in firefox on the same device. I made a detailed how to including screenshots in the manual.
  • let TweetHustler run in your browser on your laptop, use your browser in your phone to access the internet
  • let TweetHustler run in firefox on your laptop, use chrome on your laptop to access the internet
  • install TweetHustler on an old laptop and use your laptop or phone as usual.
  • pause TweetHustler in your browser, if you just need the browser shortly and then click continue to let the TweetHustler engage again.
Does it always engage with ALL tweets from the last 24h?

TweetHustler has a memory function and knows the last tweet it engaged with. So, TweetHustler will either pick up where you finished last time or engage with the most recent 24 hours’ worth of tweets.

I let TweetHustler run in the morning and then in the evening again. That leads to shorter engagement times for the 24h groups.

What kind of engagement can it do?

TweetHustler can either like only or like & retweet. So TweetHustler does the tedious clicking, and you provide valuable comments.

What kind of engagement rules can TweetHustler fulfill?

We implemented

  • engage with last 24h
  • engage with last 12h
  • engage with last 10h
  • engage with last 8h
  • engage with last 1h (useful for The Growth Syndicate)
  • engage with all tweets today
  • engage with a certain number of tweets (fully modifiable)
  • leave a certain amount of tabs open for commenting
  • like only
  • like and retweet (with time delay in between)

If you need other engagement group rules, DM me, we'll happily implement them.

Can it also like threads?

Yes, that's a new feature we added in December 2023. It can like entire threads now so that you can use thread channels in the groups without moving a muscle. TweetHustler will scroll through very slowly as if it's reading and then likes the according tweet in the thread.

Can it auto RT my friends/customers if I have private RT arrangements?

Yes, get the 2nd tier of the Tuning Kit and you can auto RT your friends and customers within 1 min of them dropping their link into a private telegram group you create.

No more constantly checking your phone to get them fast. It will also like the entire thread in case to give them an extra boost.

Are there video tutorials?

Yes, you can find the growing list of video tutorials here.

There's also a manual with screenshots and you can always reach out to me on telegram (@productivityHackers) if you need help.

Can I use TweetHustler while managing different Twitter accounts (e.g. for clients)?

Yes, you can do that. There's are enterprise licenses available for 2, 5 and 10 managed accounts respectively. Contact me, if you need more.

It's easy to use with multiple accounts:

  • switch your twitter account
  • click the according button in TweetHustler for the twitter account
  • let TweetHustler do the work.
Does this make me a bot or can I still make quality connections?

Of course, you will make quality connections. That's the whole goal! TweetHustler does the tedious clicking, freeing up your time for quality engagements with your friends and network. You’ll have more time to send/answer DMs and to provide valuable comments. I’ve made a lot of great connections via DMs since I use TweetHustler myself.

What about future updates?

Future updates are always included. We will gradually add more functionality to it. The price will go up for future members - but not for you. Buy now and lock in this low price forever. Remember? You get it now for just $0.30 / free hour of your valuable time.

How much does it cost?

The default TweetHustler version costs only $29/month. That includes auto posting in telegram groups.

You can also get the Tuning Kit for TweetHustler to add

  • auto posting in ALL discord groups for only $9/month on tier 1
  • auto RTing your friends and clients plus auto posting in all discord groups for only $19/month on tier 2.

So you can have the most powerful TweetHustler there is for only $29+$19 = $48/month

Check out the Tuning Kit here.

Is there a free trial?

Yup! Test it out free for a whole week with all functionality and enjoy the magic.

Can I cancel anytime?
Of course. I doubt you'll want that after you get a taste of freedom though!
1 week free trial including all functionality.

What twitter influencers are saying about TweetHustler


"TweetHustler is a game changer. Easy to set up. Even easier to use. Once you try it out you'll never go back."




"TweetHustler has been the most valuable investment I've made throughout this Twitter journey. You need to learn how to write of course, and this takes persistence. Once you commit to sharing a meaningful message this is the direct route to Twitter growth. TweetHustler has accelerated my growth astronomically. You won't regret this investment."




"What can u say about the TweetHustler? I wouldn't be where I am without it at well over 270k followers. In the beginning at 1k, 3k, 5k followers I was close to burning out and giving up. I was spending too much time for such little results. When the TweetHustler was developed it literally solved my issues overnight. I went from burning out to having so much more time and as a bonus growing exponentially too. It has changed my life and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It has changed the game forever. Thank you."




"Just wanted to say TweetHustler has been a total life saver. It's super convenient, easy to use and has freed my time to 10x my productivity. It's truly one of the best products in the twitter sphere. I highly recommend to anyone not wanting to waste precious time manually engaging. Just click a button and watch it do it's magic. Keep up the great work bro!"




"After adding TweetHustler as an extension, the time-saving opportunity is clear to see. This is a handy product for anyone in need of a time management tool. Fully approved!"




"TweetHustler saves a heck of a lot of time on boosting engagement for myself as well as clients with just a simple click. It really is the nuclear button for your engagement domination."




"Thanks to TH, my X handle growth has skyrocketed in a few months, connected me to new friends, new experiences and most importantly I have reclaimed valuable time for innovation and expansion. TH is truly a game changer!"




"Hey man, this tweethustler tool is awesome. I wear glasses so looking at screens too long gives me a headache. But now I can let tweethustler take care of tweeting for me, so I can read some books, spend time with the fam, all that. Tweethustler's the boss, keeping people in line with the rules. If everyone had this thing, we'd get crazy engagement on our tweets! Thanks for the tool man."




"Tweethustler is easily the best money spent every single month. It allows me to put the growth of my account on autopilot while focusing on the activities that move my business forward. It’s a key tool in my business building toolkit."




"TweetHustler saves a lot of my time when doing engagement. It took me hours to engage with every single tweet which got me braindead. Now I can go for a walk or hit the gym while TweetHustler is doing the engagement. This masterpiece gave back my valuable time while I can focus on important tasks."




"This is quite possibly the greatest piece of software for Twitter EVER! Seriously for a person in many networking groups, this automation system has helped me skyrocket my numbers, from impressions to profile visits to email subscribers. BUY THIS!"




"Since using TweetHustler I got 1-2 hours of my life back per day. Let the software do it's thing, while you don't waste any time. ProductivityHackers did an awesome job by creating this, and are always there to answer any questions you got. I'd definitely recommend TweetHustler to anyone running a twitter page. Cheers, Iron Minds"




"Once you try TweetHustler, there's no going back. Your time is precious and this tool has been a game changer for my Twitter growth."




"Buying TweetHustler is the simplest decision I made in my life. Simply engineered for busy people who want to build their Twitter account in record time while having a life outside of Twitter. Tweethustler has changed the way I grow my Twitter account forever. Thank you Tweethustler"




"Hey man. I just wanted to thank you for presenting me and creating TweetHustler. You've made a huge contribution to my Twitter life and everything is so much easier now. I'm not wasting lots of time to engage and I'm certainly very thankful to you. I'm very happy with the product and also with your amazing support. Cheers!"




"TweetHustler is a life-changing tool! It will help you to be productive while It is now part of my routine to ensure consistent engagement and growth."




"TH helps me get a LOT more done in less time. Any social media platform will reward you for spending more time on it and engaging with the content. If you're serious about your growth, that's what you should do. - BUT - It's easy to overdo it and burn out from doing this. Thanks to TH I free up more than 1hr/day and can now spend that time working on my business (or taking a walk) instead. If you like being productive and saving time, this is a no brainer."




"TweetHustler is absolutely amazing, a total mind-blowing life-saver! I have saved so much time by using @prodHackers' program. I don't know where I'd be without it. This program is out of this world incredible unlike any other out there. Just click and go about my day! I absolutely love it! Thank you for creating such an amazing system brother!"




"It has just been 4 days of getting TweetHustler and I've got 200+ followers already. Also, the TweetHustler tuning kit is a savior for me. It is hard to engage in discord groups and spend time unnecessarily mentioning tweets. If someone is present in many engagement groups, this is the best time saver for them. Thanks to this solution I can focus on my work when TweetHustler + Tuning Kit help me skyrocket my Twitter engagement."




"TweetHustler has given me my life back. I work a 9-5 and have a growing family. My Twitter engagement was burning me out. TweetHustler has saved me so much stress. It is a lifesaver if you have dreams to grow your brand."




"I TOTALLY recommend using TweetHustler. It saves so much time over my day and is really easy to use. The owner @prodHackers is such a great person to talk to and helped me a ton at the beginning. Big thanks for this amazing tool!"




"TweetHustler is fantastic and very easy to use. I love how much time it saves me while I focus on completing my work. I recommend this piece of software to anyone that needs to free up some time. Stop wasting your time manually engaging and let TweetHustler do all the work while you get on with your life. Trust me TweetHustler will amaze you!"




"Your friend JackedAecus here. It's been a while that I've been using TweetHustler and man... what have you created? The hard part (engaging manually) is gone and now I can put that time into creating good content. It has an insane amount of value - now I can't even imagine my Twitter journey without it! Thanks my man! You're the real G!"




"Is TweetHustler giving you your time back? With one click of a button? I was very skeptical. Many inventions have big promises. But do they fulfill what they say? After using it for 8 days I'm convinced that TweetHustler delivers what @prodHackers says it will. After a while you get used to the functions, and enjoy the free time doing other important tasks. The icing on the cake IMO is being able to customize TweetHustler to YOUR specifics. I've done that. And it looks and acts now like I wanted it to do. What are you waiting for? Get your time back NOW."




"Yooo TweetHustler is fire! Literally just let it run in the background and it does all the work the way you'd actually do it. This will save us so much time, thank you!"




"TweetHustler is amazing man, I use it on and off all day even after my engagement is finished just to get my impressions up, I'll hit my first 1k followers in no time at this rate!"




"Bro, Tweethustler is freaking amazing!! Previously most of my time went to catching up in engagement groups and was not able to focus more on creating quality content. But now with the help of TweetHustler, daily I am getting 1-2 hours of free time which I can use on creating content and helping my audience. Getting TweetHustler is a no-brainer."




"Just started using TweetHustler and I instantly fell in love with this product. It simplifies my growth strategy and allows me time to focus on my other streams of income while my twitter account continues to grow! If you prioritize your time then this tool is a must-have!"



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